Life is like a box of chocolates

Objective: To analyze a movie poster and identify its hierarchy, fonts, and color scheme.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.”- Forrest Gump

For this week’s design analysis, I chose a movie poster of one my favorite childhood movies, Forest Gump. I can easily recall all of the fond memories with my family as we laughed and cried alongside Forrest when he faced the obstacles in his life.

This poster encompasses all the features of good design: simplicity, consistency, and clarity.

Simplicity: The poster plays with the technique of minimalism. It makes use of the power of white space to draw in the reader to the main message: the character of Forrest. The focal point of this poster is the park bench, followed by the view of Forrest sitting down. It employs a very simple grid system that consists of two vertical containers and one horizontal.

Only two typesfaces are used throughout the design. ITC Fenice Regular is used to write the larger text that highlight the main actor featured in the film (left image below). Pistacho Soft is used to write supportive text that provide the reader a little bit more context about the movie (right image below). It was difficult to identify the text at the bottom of the poster. However, I hypothesize that it is Pistacho Soft with different kerning.

Five main colors are used : #feff9, #c32231, #16288a, #370b0a, and #897a7f, with the off-white color being the most abundant color in this design.

Consistency:  The use of asymmetry in this design is evident and a major theme to convey the narrative of this movie. Both Forrest on the park bench and the text is right aligned allowing the reader to make note of the obvious contrast. What is so beautiful about this detail is that is speaks to the movie so well. Forrest is an outcast in his town and is often labeled as “dumb” or “slow.” He is often isolated and bullied, but still remains humble and kind towards others. No matter how many times he is underestimated, he proves others wrong and accomplishes above and beyond his own expectations of himself. The climatic scene of Forrest sitting in this park bench reveals to viewers that Forrest is narrating his life to a women waiting for a bus. He is successful, has found a sense of self, and is now about to meet his son for the first time. In this image, he is slightly looking up almost to symbolize his positive outlook on life despite the challenges he faces.

Clarity: This design is clean and crisp. None of the elements are cluttered or difficult to read. The message is conveyed simply, but effectively. Even to someone who has not seen the movie, I really like that the white space allows for the viewer to become pensive and curious about the contrast of the vertical grid. The more you look at the poster, the more curious you can become as I you try to read the expression on Forrest’s Face.

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