NYU ITP 2019 Winter Show Poster

Objective: To design a poster for the NYU ITP 2019 Winter Show.

I was inspired by NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program [ITP]’s collaborative environment and our heavy use of cardboard for prototyping. This design tries to tap into the eclectic, creative, and messy process students undergo while developing new projects.

I created this design using Adobe Photoshop. Each 3D person was created using Storyboarder and stylized in photoshop. 

The color palette I used for the skin colors was from Colurlovers.com. I varied the opacities in Photoshop so that the lines from the 3-D sketches were still visible.

The typeface used throughout the flyer is Silom. The doodles in the background are royalty free images that have been edited. The font used to imitate handwriting is Rock Salt.

After receiving feedback and constructive criticism from my peers, I created a second iteration of my poster. In this iteration, I focused on playing with typefaces that mimicked human handwriting. I wanted to reinforce the theme of playfulness and uncertainty in my design. The words “Winter Show 2019″ and ” A showcase of NYU ITP students’ latest work and creativity” are now written in typeface Permanent Marker. The dates and address are written in a typeface called Mansalva. I experimented with adding more doodles to fill in the gaps on the cardboard.

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