Robot Game with P5 Serial Control

Objective: Create a circuit that uses serial communication between p5 and my Arduino Uno.

To practice serial communication between p5 and my Arduino Uno, I made a prototype of a game. This game has two controls: a force sensor to jump and a potentiometer to move left and right.

Photo of circuit built with breadboard and Arduino Uno
Circuit Diagram

The concept of this game is that you are a sad robot and you are rushing to reach your partner. You have 30 seconds in this level to run to your partner and overcome the obstacles along the way. If you run into one of the obstacles, you lose. If you overcome all the obstacles in your way, then you are greeted by your partner. This design was inspired by the fact that me and my partner are in a long distance relationship right now. I presume I am subconsciously thinking about how they are hurdles that we both have to overcome in order to see each other.

These are the images I used for the characters that are sourced from royalty free websites (not to scale, both robots will be the same height in the program):

I would like to continue developing this game and build out the Game Over scene and end scene. I also want to add a menu option at the beginning of the game so that you can select whether you want to be a girl, boy, or gender neutral character as well as select who your partner will be. Another feature I would like to add is to populate the level with hearts that your character can collect along the way and give to your partner.

Overall, I am really happy with my progress. This is my first time using the library! 🙂

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