Objective: Create a Halloween installation!

In the spirit of halloween, Emma Grimm and I designed and constructed an interactive virtual window. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor, two makeshift switches, a computer monitor and a curtain on a clothing rack.

Our window scene is animated in p5 using royalty-free images found online. Our project consists of both animation events that are triggered by the Arduino and animation events controlled by the passing of time. When you open either side of the curtain, the curtain panel on the left will trigger a ghost floating on the screen while the curtain on the right will trigger a vampire walking through the scene. Our ultrasonic sensor is measuring the user’s distance from the window and playing different sounds depending on how far they are from the installation. As you move closer to the window, you should hear the sounds of wind blowing get louder. The background changes depending on the time of the day. It starts with a gray scale background during the day and the house turns reds. Bats are constantly flying around in this world, and a cat is running back and forth at a different frequency dependent on the hour of the day. Every 10 minutes a spooky man walks by and disappears.

Below, is our fabrication process. My favorite part was building the spider!

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