Circle Meets Square


Objective: To explore and create a stop motion animation.

In collaboration with Abby Lee, together we designed an 1 minute looping animation that conveys a story about a circle meeting a square for the first time. The animation begins with the circle character coming to life and being happy (jumping up and down). The circle begins its journey through its world and sees his friends (other circles) in the distance. They greet each other and mingle before the circle continues on its journey. Next, the circle sees a square for the first time. They are both very surprised about each other and are scared to interact. They try to get closer to each other and hug, but it fails. On the third try, they are able to hug and they pinwheel into the distance forever. The animation ends and begins looping again.

The characters are made from laser cut pieces of cardboard and the background is a piece of fabric. Every frame was produced by photographing still images with DragonFrame and then drawing the faces in Adobe Photoshop. Abby and I split up the animation into scenes and took turns adding the faces. We merged our scenes and added audio in Adobe Premiere.

We faced quite a few technical challenges as we learned how to use the software to manipulate the frames. However, we are grateful for the obstacles since it allowed us to learn about the animation process and what mistakes to look out for the next time around.

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