Hoop Trivia

Welcome to Hoop Trivia!

I am adding a twist to the traditional way of playing trivia. Instead of pressing buttons to select an answer choice, players need to shoot basketballs into a hoop that corresponds to their answer (4 hoops, 4 answer choices).

Hoop Trivia is inspired by an arcade game in Dave and Buster’s called Connect 4 Hoops, where players play connect 4 by throwing basketballs into one of the columns. I wanted to follow a similar concept, thinking about how the sport of basketball can be integrated in new ways.

Dave and Buster’s Connect 4 Hoops


The architecture was inspired by the design of POP-A-SHOT which is a basketball home arcade game currently on the market made out of pvc pipes.

Hoop Trivia is made up of PVC pipes, fabric, netting, 4 wire switches, 2 arcade buttons, and a coin slot machine, and a mini projector. I made various 3-D models of the structure on TinkerCad until I reached dimensions that I was satisfied with. The dimensions of the project are 8 ft (Height), 8 ft (Depth), 6 ft (Width). I am currently using a computer monitor on the side of the structure to display the interface and questions. However, in the future, I will be using the white canvas on the back to project the interface.

I also created a paper prototype to play test and obtain feedback from players.

Paper Prototype


The software interface is made on p5.js using assets (images and sounds etc.) that I made on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and royalty-free content I found online. The trivia questions are derived from an online database and brought into p5 using a json file.

Game Play

Players insert money/credits into coin slot. Players push the “1 player” or “2 players” button to set game mode. Game begins by displaying tutorial video and then the first question is displayed on the screen for the player to select a trivia category. Players will have up to 30 seconds to lock in an answer by shooting the ball into a hoop. If no ball is entered into a hoop, then the computer will randomly select a genre. Next, the questions within the individual category will begin. Players will be prompted with 5 questions total. Players will have up to30 seconds to lock in an answer by shooting into a hoop. If answer is incorrect or no ball is entered into a hoop, no points will be awarded to the player. Once all questions are answered, the game will go into 30 seconds of freestyle where users can keeping shooting the ball for fun. The results of the game are displayed!

Future Work

I would like to fine tune the structure of the project. This is my first time fabricating, especially at this scale. Over time, the PVC pipes of the hoops rotate downwards with the impact of the basketballs so a possible solution to this is to nail the hoops into a wooden backboard. Then, fasten the backboard to the pipes.

I would also like to expand the functionality of the interface as well as the question pool for the trivia. As of now, there are 10 categories that are available to users (4 categories are randomly selected at the beginning of the game). I would like to implement a version of the game with questions dedicated to high school students. For example, trivia for SAT prep, vocabulary, and regents prep. Hoop Trivia can be part of a mobile educational experience, where students can test their knowledge while playing and being active. I would also like to create different versions of the interface that incorporates other languages like Spanish or Portuguese.

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