Spade COCO Generated Video

Objective: Create a p5 sketch using Spade-COCO’s recognized colors to generate a photorealistic beach scene

First, I created a p5 sketch to serve as a semantic image for the Spade COCO model in RunwayML. I used 6 colors associated with following labels: sand, sea, sky, tree, leaves, and person. The person diving in the sketch is a gif imported from giphy, which I applied a tint to in order for it to be recognized as a person. Then, I saved 33 frames of the sketch using the saveFrames() p5 function. In RunwayML, I set a folder with the images as the input of the model and generated an output folder with the rendered frames. Lastly, I complied all the frames and converted it to a gif using this online gif maker.

This was super fun to make and I can’t wait to do more!

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