Noise Walk with MonoSynth

Demo video

Goal: To implement a random walk algorithm with sound to generate music

For this project, I wanted to explore combining sounds, Perlin noise, and the random walk algorithm. I have never really studied music theory in depth, but I love music and am trying to learn how to play the piano during my free time. As result, I created this interactive, real-time music sheet! Instead of writing a random walk algorithm that uses 4 directions (left, right, up, and down), I created a random walk that switches between 9 notes: E4 to F5. Every 230 milliseconds a new note is generated and displayed on the screen. Instead of using random() function, I used 2D Perlin noise to create a more natural sequence of notes. One downfall of using Perlin noise is that E4 and F5 notes rarely get played since the random points in Perlin Noise follow a normal distribution. Overall, I had a lot of fun making this program!

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