Balloon Party


Goal: Learn how to add force vectors in p5 and create an inflating balloon simulation.

To reinforce my understanding of vectors, I went back and improved my rocketship sketch I made last week. My stars are working now! (Thank you, Ellen :D) I added different opacities to the stars and moved the rocketship in front of the stars.

This week I created a balloon party sketch where users can click on the canvas and inflate helium balloons of different sizes [masses]. Then, the balloon will float upwards according to the physics of its mass, surface area and the drag force of the air. Every time a new balloon is inflated, a new color is generated. I added a living room image from and balloon sounds from to make the sketch more playful. This weekend I celebrated my little cousin’s 4th birthday so it inspired me to play with the idea of balloons!

Overall, I had a lot of fun making this sketch and I want to continue practicing how to add additional forces to the sketch like wind.

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