Meet @edinanyc

Instagram Gallery

Ruiqi, Erik, Zoe, and I are managing the Instagram account @edinanyc. This celebrity has an archetype of Dark Lord with a style of exoticism. To add a twist to this character, we added subliminal theme of almond milk. The Instragram handle is actually a play on the word cyanide spelled backwards. Every image also has an easter egg element of a hidden almond milk carton. Our target audience is 16-35 alternative, grunge, and horror aficionados.

Here is our entourage team and our roles within this celebrity management:

  • Erik: photographer, videographer,
  • Julie: public relations, fanbase/community manager, hashtag creative
  • Ruiqi: model, creative director
  • Zoe: stylist, model, creative director

The hashtags we have been using that have given us the most engagement so far are:

#milk #almondmilk #alternative #oddcore #cool #dark #horror #edgy #rock #black #3 #grunge

Media Spike

The first step of our spike is having a photoshoot and producing fresh content to bring in more followers. Erik took awesome pictures and we are really excited with the results.

The second step of our spike is to host a giveaway where the first 50 people to find the picture below across New York City will win a signed carton of almond milk. (Some posters might not actually be there, since we are staging it).

Giveaway Image

Here are some of the additional posts we shared to generate hype and give fans “hints” on where they can locate the posters. We also created story highlights to help promote the scavenger hunt.

Ruiqi also created really awesome posters that we plan to use in the future, either as a promoted ad or phase 2 of the giveaway.

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