Pendulum Hair

Demo Video

Goal: Build a sketch that allows you to tilt the head of a character and their hair flows according to gravity.

In this sketch, I created a happy, girl character with flowing hair. When you click and drag your mouse from side to side, you can control the tilt of the character’s head. Each strand of hair acts as a pendulum swinging back and forth until it is at rest. I created multiple strands of hair by building a Hair class and instantiating multiple objects. To add a whimsical touch, I made the facial expression change while you are tilting the character’s head.

The inspiration behind this project is mobile game called Toca Boca. It is a kid’s game where you act as a hair stylist and can do anything from cut the clients hair to add accessories. I used to play it together with my little cousins, and I was always so impressed by the animations and minimal user interface. Therefore, I wanted to see if I could make my own simplified version.

In the future, I want to refactor this sketch to create a character with curly hair that bounces like a spring. I also want to fine tune the mobility of the hair and head.

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