@edinanyc update

The past few weeks we have been working on increasing our social media presence on Instagram. We now have over 500 followers and receive an average of 60 likes per post. The following are 6 main actions we implemented to accomplish this:

1. We have been posting new content that Ruiqi designed that features a trippy, colorful aesthetic.

2. Erik activated an Instabot that is running on our account 24/7 on a Rasberry Pi. This bot is automating engagement by liking posts, commenting, and following accounts similar to a seed list we created. This is working really well and we are getting a good response of people staying on our profiles. One interesting point that we noticed about our new followers from the bot is that a lot of them were feet accounts. It seems that we discovered a sub-culture in the alternative, grunge scene that we are targeting!

3. We spent $40 dollars to buy 500 followers for a month and 40 likes per post.

4. We are encouraging fan-like behavior from our audience by encouraging them to post selfies with coconut or almond milk. Here are a few submissions we shared to our story.

5. We spent the $50 dollars of the class budget to create a promoted picture. We used one of the poster’s Ruiqi designed for the promotion. We are spending a daily budget of $7 dollars for one month to target accounts similar to our following with the goal of maximizing profile visits. The estimated reach is 4,800 – 13,000 profile visits.

6. Ruiqi designed the following merchandise to advertise and try to sell to our fans and audience!

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