Physics Salon

Physics Salon is a virtual web-based salon where players can be a hairstylist for a day! Players can use the tools on the table to shampoo and rinse the character’s hair! The menu on the right allows you to customize the character’s appearance. Project Summary: This project contains 3 main components: a table with hair […]

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Final Project Proposal

1-sentence summary: Create a virtual hair salon in p5.js and explore the physics of hair! Inspiration: I am inspired by the Toca Hair Salon Game. It is an application available on the Apple App Store that allows players be a virtual hairstylist. You can choose which character you would like to style and play with […]

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Meme creations for @edinanyc

This week our goal was to use memetics and relatability to create something highly spreadable for our celebrity @edinanyc. We decided to create a series of memes to share on our account. Memes are easily spreadable and invoke humor. They often become viral depending how relatable they are. One of our memes touches on our […]

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Evolving Art

Goal: Use the “Evolving Shakespeare” genetic algorithm to generate art from text This sketch was inspired by my final project for Programming A to Z. The idea is that each letter in the English alphabet is associated with a pattern. These patterns are created using a variety of techniques such as Perlin noise, recursion and […]

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@edinanyc update

The past few weeks we have been working on increasing our social media presence on Instagram. We now have over 500 followers and receive an average of 60 likes per post. The following are 6 main actions we implemented to accomplish this: 1. We have been posting new content that Ruiqi designed that features a […]

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Ocean Waves

Goal: Using a flocking steering behavior to stimulate ocean foam As temperatures rise in NY, I have been excitedly anticipating the summer season and going to the beach. I was inspired by the image below to recreate the circular shapes formed from each crashing wave. To establish my color palette, I used the following image […]

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Pendulum Hair

Goal: Build a sketch that allows you to tilt the head of a character and their hair flows according to gravity. In this sketch, I created a happy, girl character with flowing hair. When you click and drag your mouse from side to side, you can control the tilt of the character’s head. Each strand […]

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Meet @edinanyc

Ruiqi, Erik, Zoe, and I are managing the Instagram account @edinanyc. This celebrity has an archetype of Dark Lord with a style of exoticism. To add a twist to this character, we added subliminal theme of almond milk. The Instragram handle is actually a play on the word cyanide spelled backwards. Every image also has […]

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