NYU ITP 2019 Winter Show Poster

Objective: To design a poster for the NYU ITP 2019 Winter Show. I was inspired by NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program [ITP]’s collaborative environment and our heavy use of cardboard for prototyping. This design tries to tap into the eclectic, creative, and messy process students undergo while developing new projects. I created this design using Adobe […]

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Life in Color

Objective: To create 6 designs using the same color palette. The palette I think best represents me are the following 5 colors: These colors were generated on the Coolors website and I immediately fell in love with them since they are reminiscent of colors found in nature. I appreciate the gradient from dark green to […]

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Redesigning a boarding pass

Objective: To redesign a boarding pass from Delta. The first thing I noticed about this design was how convoluted it was. The text is very clustered and hard to read. The gate information is almost hidden as it blends in with the monotony of the rest of the text despite being one of the most […]

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Life is like a box of chocolates

Objective: To analyze a movie poster and identify its hierarchy, fonts, and color scheme. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.”- Forrest Gump For this week’s design analysis, I chose a movie poster of one my favorite childhood movies, Forest Gump. I can easily recall all of the […]

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