Sound Classifier + Arduino

Objective: Use the sound classifier model from ml5.js to control a 7 segment LED display connected to an Arduino Uno To bring hardware and p5.js together, I first focused on building my circuit. I found this reference diagram below and used it to connect my LED display model # 350074. Next, I worked on writing […]

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Objective: Create a Halloween installation! In the spirit of halloween, Emma Grimm and I designed and constructed an interactive virtual window. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor, two makeshift switches, a computer monitor and a curtain on a clothing rack. Our window scene is animated in p5 using royalty-free images found online. Our project consists […]

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Robot Game with P5 Serial Control

Objective: Create a circuit that uses serial communication between p5 and my Arduino Uno. To practice serial communication between p5 and my Arduino Uno, I made a prototype of a game. This game has two controls: a force sensor to jump and a potentiometer to move left and right. The concept of this game is […]

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Block Dude

Objective: Create a circuit with a motor that reacts according to the distance or a gesture of the user. The circuit I used to build this week consists of an Arduino Uno, one LED, one phototransistor. Meet Block Dude. He is very lonely and constantly looking you, his friend. As you get closer to him […]

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LED Constellation

Objective: Create a circuit to look like a star constellation. Since I learned about digital input and analog input last week, this week I decided to build upon on my star constellation project and add functionality to it using an Arduino. For this project, I built my circuit using an Arduino Uno, one button switch, […]

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LED Madness

Objective: Create a circuit with a switch. I took 2 approaches to this assignment: a literal approach and a more creative implementation. Part 1: Colorful Buttons I created a parallel circuit using an Arduino UNO 3.3 volts as my power source and 4 color-coded LED lights with buttons as my load. The idea is very […]

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