Generative Art

Generative Art is a website and tool that allows users to generate art out of text. Each image that is produced is unique and irreproducible. To begin, users enter sentences or words on the text box on the right. As users type new letters, new shapes are drawn on the canvas. When the user is […]

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Where’s the Trash?

Where’s the Trash? is a website that provides an interactive map for users to navigate and view all the New York’s Department of Sanitation’s [DSNY] public trash bins. Users can click and view the bins in two perspectives: Citywide and By Borough. In “Citywide” View, users can view all the data points on the map at […]

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Spark AR Face Mask Filter

This is a Spark AR filter I made for Instagram to promote the use of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you the tap the screen, the design of the mask changes. All designs are original artwork I made for my project 100 Days of Scribbling. Currently, my filter has had over 13.1K […]

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100 Days of Digital Scribbling

For over 3 months, I traced an image from Unsplash and tried to manually apply an art filter. I used this daily practice to study lines and patterns in objects. What are the features (shapes, shadows, colors, textures) that define an object? What are the minimal features that need to be illustrated in order to […]

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I had the honor to be one of the finalists in the Biodesign Challenge Summit 2020 with my project, AMBER. Students from all over the world presented their research and the online summit reached over 5,000 views! AMBER is a plant-based, waterproof biomaterial made out of rice husks and pine resin. It provides a natural alternative to […]

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Multi-Bin is a customizable household trash bin, designed to maximize storage and optimize trash classification. Context and Research The New York City Department of Sanitation [DSNY] has 4 main waste collection streams: Trash Mixed Paper and Cardboard Organics Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Cartons Previous consumer research conducted by Statista in the United States has identified […]

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Hoop Trivia

Welcome to Hoop Trivia! I am adding a twist to the traditional way of playing trivia. Instead of pressing buttons to select an answer choice, players need to shoot basketballs into a hoop that corresponds to their answer (4 hoops, 4 answer choices). Hoop Trivia is inspired by an arcade game in Dave and Buster’s […]

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Distribution of public trash and recycling bins in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout New York City

This is my final research project for my Ecological Analysis with GIS course. GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems and one of the most common GIS software is ArcGIS. Using ArcGIS, I evaluated the distribution of public trash and recycling bins in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout New York City. This entailed performing spatial and quantitative analyses […]

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Mac Operating System User Guide

Mac Operating System User Guide on how to use the Mail Application and how to use the Finder Application. I have worked as a private tutor teaching basic computer skills to adults. This is an example of a guide I made for one of my students, summarizing the topics we covered during our lesson.

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